Wix Code when you have a lot of information !

Hi everyone,

Do you already have a customer giving you 10 Word pages of information to put on a single page ?

In my case, it was to present a festival of the scene art. The client asked me to present t he descriptive of the event, the program, the different artists with text for each of them, the practical information, two posters and two partners .

The question was : “How can I put all those information in a single page whithout a visitor dying before he finishes to scroll down ?” ;-D.

After a little period of thinking … Brain blast ! I’ve decided to use the combo of Wix Code and Wix FAQ.

Wix Code especially for the the different artists. I’ve played with forms for more user interaction, so when a visitor click on one of the pictures a form/text appear and the others disappear.
The result is pretty cool ! You can test it on your computer (mobile version isn’t ready yet) :

I hope that will give you some ideas for your own website when you have a lot of information to put. :wink:

Have a nice day !

Reverseweb | Kevin Dang

Same text for two artists

Different texts for each artist

Wix FAQ for the others information


Really nice!

Pretty awesome!

I don’t suppose you’d be willing to show us some of the code you did on different pages? I’m interested in seeing how you were able to do things like change text color on hover and stuff like that. I can’t seem to figure it out.