wix code working on desktop&mobile Editor, but not working on mobile

I making shopping mall with wix.com
I want to add review tap in my product page, and did it.
this tap working on desktop, mobile editor, but not working on mobile, i-pad, i-phone, android phone
looks like not connect to database, because any button not working, cannot see any view.
how can I solve this problem?
shopping mall not open yet

please someone help me !!

Don’t post on a forum post that you have added only 3 hours ago, as it will put some forum users off helping you as it seems that you are demanding an answer.

As for you issue, you are using this Wix Stores tutorial.

Have you simply added the onClick event handler needed to the button in the properties panel for the button.

Have you simply designed the add review lightbox on your mobile editor.

Have you got the right name for your Lightbox.

Have you made sure that all your own element ids on your page are the same as you have used in your code.

The code for the page.


import wixData from 'wix-data';
import wixWindow from 'wix-window';

//-------------Global Variables-------------//

// Current product.
let product; 

//-------------Page Setup-------------//

$w.onReady(async function () {
 // Set the global product variable to the currently displayed product.
    product = await $w('#productPage1').getProduct(); 
 // Load the current product's reviews using the initReviews() function.

// Loads the current product's reviews.
async function initReviews() {
 // Filter the "Reviews" dataset to contain only the reviews on the currently displayed product.
 await $w('#Reviews').setFilter(wixData.filter().eq('productId', product._id));
 // Show the reviews after the filter was set and applied on the dataset 
 // Load the current product's statistics using the loadStatistics() function.

// Load the current product's statistics.
async function loadStatistics() {
 // Get the statistics data based on the current product's ID.
 const stats = await wixData.get('review-stats', product._id); 
 // If statistics data for the product was found:
 if (stats) { 
 // Compute the product's average rating by dividing the total points by the number of ratings.
 let avgRating = (Math.round(stats.rating * 10 / stats.count) / 10); 
 // Compute the percentage of reviewers that recommend the product.
 let percentRecommended = Math.round(stats.recommended / stats.count * 100); 
 // Get the ratings element.
 let ratings = $w('#generalRatings');
 // Set the ratings element's average rating to the value calculated above. 
        ratings.rating = avgRating;
 // Set the ratings element's number of ratings to the count value from the statistics data.
        ratings.numRatings = stats.count;
 // Set the text for the recommended percentage element.
        $w('#recoPercent').text = `${percentRecommended} % would recommend`; 
 // Show the ratings element.
 // If there is no statistics data for the product:
    } else {
 // Set the text for the recommended percentage element to reflect the fact that there are no reviews.
        $w('#recoPercent').text = 'There are no reviews yet'; 
 // Show the recommended percentage element only after it is populated to avoid flickering.

//-------------Repeater Setup -------------//

// Set up each item in the reivews repeater as it is loaded.
export function reviewsRepeater_itemReady($w, itemData, index) {
 // If the reviewer recommends the item:
 if (itemData.recommends) {
 // Set the "recommend text.
        $w('#recommendation').text = 'I recommend this product.'; 
 // If the reviewer does not recommend the item:
    } else {
 // Set the "don't recommend" text.
        $w('#recommendation').text = "I don't recommend this product.";

 // If a photo was uploaded for the review:
 if (itemData.photo) { 
 // Set the image URL from the item data.
        $w('#reviewImage').src = itemData.photo;
 // Expand the image.

 // Set the ratings element's rating value.
    $w('#oneRating').rating = itemData.rating; 

 // Get the date that the review was entered.
 let date = itemData._createdDate; 
 // Format the date according to the date format settings on the user's computer.
    $w('#submissionTime').text = date.toLocaleString();

//-------------Data Setup -------------//

// Perform some setup when the dataset filter was completed.
export function showReviews() {
 // If at least one review has been submitted:
 if ($w('#Reviews').getTotalCount() > 0) {
 // Expand the strip that displays the reviews.
 // If there are no reviews:
    } else {
 // Collapse the strip that displays the reviews.
        $w('#reviewsStrip').collapse(); //otherwise, hide it

//-------------Event Handlers -------------//

// Set the action that occurs when a user clicks the "Write a Review" button.
export async function addReview_click(event, $w) {
 // Create an object containing the current product's ID to be sent to the review writing lightbox.
 const dataForLightbox = {
        productId: product._id
 // Open the "Review Box" lightbox, send it the object created above, and wait for it to close.
 let result = await wixWindow.openLightbox('Review Box', dataForLightbox);
 // After the review lightbox is closed, refresh the reviews dataset so the new review appears on the page.
 // Reload the current products statistics to reflect the new rating.
 // Show a thank you message.

// Set the action that occurs when a user clicks the "Load More" text.
export function resultsPages_click(event, $w) {
 // Load additional reviews into the reviews repeater.

@givemeawhisky Thank you for your kind, and i follow your assistance

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