Wix contact form submission and Google Analytics goal

Could you help me understand how to catch a form submission event with Google Analytics if my site is built with Wix. Google Analytics is installed via Google Tag Manager .
Wix’s documentation: https://support.wix.com/en/article/tracking-wix-contact-form-submissions-with-google-analytics
In Google Analytics the goal is organized as follows: 1. Goal type is “Event”. 2. Category: “Leads”. 3. Action: “Submitted”. 4. Label: “New Lead”
At my site I fire in Chrome in console I can organize like this:

tracker = ga.getAll()[0];
tracker.send("event", "Leads", "Submitted", "New Lead");

And: 1. In Googlel Analytics I can catch the event in Real-Time section/Conversions. 2. In my Chrome browser I have installed GA debug plugin. It is reacting to the event:

eventAction      (&ea)   Submitted
analytics_debug.js:23 eventCategory    (&ec)   Leads
analytics_debug.js:23 eventLabel       (&el)   New Lead
analytics_debug.js:23 hitType          (&t)    event

But when I just submit the form at my site, nothing happens: neither Real-Time report catches the conversion, nor GA debug plugin shows any activity. mybkexperience
Could you help me adjust the system so that Google Analytics should catch the form submission event.

What article are you referring to? The link doesn’t work.

Often times the problem is just that time is needed until the configuration (or changes) need time to take effect.

link doesnt work
please share currect link
i want to see what are you ask for?