Wix data .contains not working

I have checked many other posts but cannot seem to get the .contains function to return items.

I have a database called “users”, I run a query with .contains(“name”, term) where ‘term’ is “Co”, this always returns no items even though ‘Connor’ is a name in the DB.

Code is below, thanks in advance.

export function memberSearch(term){

    return wixData.query("users")
    .contains("secondName", term)
    .then((result) => {
        return result
    .catch((err) => {
        return err

It is a PII issue.

I think find() should be empty, you need to remove the “option”. If you want to bring option field I think you need to do something like console.log(result.items[0].option).

If “secondName” is an encrypted field, it’s a PII issue, like @cnnrviv said, because .contains does not work on encrypted fields, only .eq.