wix-data update issue

I have database collection with 4 fields I defined. Say 2 of them are ‘bool’.
I tried to update one of fields this way:
let toUpdate = {
“_id”: item._id, // item was previously fetched from collection
“field1”: true
wixData.update(“collectionName”, toUpdate)
.then( (res) => {

} )
.catch( (err) => {

} );
After the update I found out that all other fields I created got “undefined” values. I found this behavior documented as following:
“If the existing item had properties with values and those properties were not included in the supplied item, the values in those properties are lost”. So basically the result I got is expected.
However I paid attention that “Owner” field as well got erased. And after another update it still seen empty. I understand that read only fields like “_id” or “_owner” shouldn’t be affected by my update, so this one looks like bug.

Hi, Dima,

you are right disappearing of the fields is expected as you are updating the whole object, not individual fields. You are also right, that _owner field should not disappear. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the near future.

Thank you for helping us to make the product better!

Any news on this bug? Last interaction was in Oct’17 and I’m still experiencing this same bug

Hi Bruno,
Can you please share a link to your site and paste here the relevant code?