Wix does not comply with the GDPR | So ?

Hello WIX teams,
I have a function of Data Protection Officer within the company, and I see that WIX is not in compliance with the GDPR and this can be expensive for my customers …

Indeed if I take the case of cookies, Wix allows itself to make requests for cookies even before having asked the consent of the user !

On sites where no cookies are activated at the start, we find that more than 20 cookies are loaded at start-up and I cannot hear that these are all functioning cookies there are obviously activity tracking cookies and this is illegal.

Finally, the official “cookie” application does not comply with the store, because it does not allow the user to choose whether or not to consent to the cookies placed. Judging by the rating of the application it’s appalling …

So I ask you with a lot of courtesy, but it is mandatory that WIX complies, because I would unfortunately have to change platform… :frowning:

And i love your platform !

As a reminder, the penalty is 4% of turnover or 20M€ and I remain persuaded that Europe is at least 50% of your clients so please do it quickly



Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be forwarding this to our team.

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Hey Denis! Bonjour :slight_smile:
I saw the link here in our help center → GDPR | Frequently Asked Questions | Help Center | Wix.com

There you can see more instructions about the cookies and data protection.
Let us know if you still need help and I will talk with Steven :wink:

Hi Anna, i read your article but is not resolved what i said in my post. There is a big mistake because, you need to have the consent before the cookie apply and is not the case with wix. And the official Wix App Cookie is not GDPR…
So it’s necessary do to anything. Thx.

Yes I would also like to know what is going to be done about this. Extremely worrying for me and my clients.

Hey Denis! We totally understand, I went ahead and spoke with our local team in France that is taking care of it with our headquarter. Merci for letting us know :wink:

Hey Tanya! We are taking care of it with our headquarter. Stay tuned for our updates.

@bestofdenis FYI, Denis, I escalated this internally - I think the team wants you to clarify on a few points. I will pass them your info - be looking for an email :slight_smile:


@bestofdenis would you mind sharing the result of your exchange with Wix to us as well? :slight_smile:


I have variety of customers whose data should be protected obviously. Could you please not keep the result of this post amongst yourselves. Share with us. Also share the solution too.


Hi wix community, and @plomteuxquentin :wink:
we made a conference call with the Director of France ( @stana ) and the Team DPO of WIX and frankly it’s really great!
Wix take these questions seriously (which reassures me) and are developing new evolutions to become fully GDPR compliant. So I look forward to the new developments (cookies …)
Thx Wix !


Thats great but just hope it doesn’t take too long.

Please can you let us know whether there had been any updates on this. As @bestofdenis stated, not having the option for users to opt in to non-essential cookies is not compliant with GDPR law in the UK and EU. This should not be feature we have to vote for but one that should come as standard.

Good to hear that Denis! Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks you so much for bringing this up! Would you be able to post here when they’ve updated things? That would be amazing :slight_smile:

Sure! We will =)

Any update please Wix? This does put us at jeopardy with our clients. As the original poster says there can be heavy fines!

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I was investigating options for this just last night, there appears to be no valid option to achieve GDPR compliance or the California Cookie law either. This is a deal breaker for any site I am asked to build. This should be one of the highest priority items. Considering this has been a topic for several months and the deadline is looming soon there will be many “shows stopped” by this showstopper.

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It’s been a couple months any updates?

Hey Jim! We are still working on this =)