Anyone know if all the functiionality has drpped yet?

Also, is it only for new site builds as it is a new platform?

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Hi! Currently it’s available for accounts in English who create new sites. If you need it for an existing site or your account is in another language, let me know!

Thanks @sheyla - I am starting a fresh project for a client - Is it best I create a new site or is it easy for you to add to an existing one?

It’s probably going to be quicker to create a new site, but let me know what you decide. :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks…

@sheyla If I create a new site from a blank template and add bookings is that it? To get all the fitness functions?

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Yes! Let me know if you run into any issues.

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@sheyla Hi Sheyla - OK we have a client ready to go… A migration from Wordpress !!! I will set up the new site now and add bookings… Does the PM team want a UK reference or case study site?

Send me a chat with the site URL and Wix account email :slight_smile:

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Hey! Yes - would love to be in touch on this this business, lets connect about it @purerelish


Thank you @orly-gonen-wix - shall I email you with the details?

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Thanks @orly-gonen-wix and @sheyla for your help - We have a specific requirement from the business - they want to run 3 session a day with 2 prices (price is based on age) - what is the best way to do this with the new tools do you think?