Wix Forms - JSON object undefined

I am trying to write JSON Backend code and Pagecode - I am pretty novice at coding JSON.

I have made code work in the way explained in this video:

https://youtu . be/0SVvNKNEmWk

In particular I can send an email from Sendgrid which includes some of the output captured with a CUSTOM WIX form. I am basically using the process documented here:

https://support.wix . com/en/article/velo-tutorial-sending-an-email-on-form-submission

Where I am struggling is with some of the more structured elements of the form that are capturing for example a postal address.

I have 2 output statements in my Pagecode and they are both giving different errors:

\rOwners Address and Post Code: ${$w(“#addressInput3”).streetAddress}


Owners Address and Post Code: undefined

\rPractice Address and Postcode: ${$w(“#addressInput2”).value}


Practice Address and Postcode: [object Object]

Neither is the desired outcome !