Wix Invoicing for Experts

Hi Wix,

I am an expert designer who loves the Wix Invoicing feature. However, there are a few features that need to be added and hopefully added soon.

  1. Invoicing needs to be attached to my overall Wix account, not my individual website.
    Every year as a designer I create a new website for myself. Using wix invoicing when it’s time to transfer my premium hosting along with my domain name over to my new web design, I lose EVERYTHING in my invoicing system. Well, I don’t lose it exactly, but it stays in my old website dashboard. So in order to use my new website, I have to reenter clients, project details, project codes etc.

2. Mobile access
This needs to happen right away. I need the ability to create or edit an invoice on my mobile device. I can easily close a deal while away from my computer but have to rush to open my computer, find a spot for wifi, get connected, create the invoice and then send. No deal is actually closed until the first invoice is paid and with the aggressive setup of the Wix Arena, my inability to receive the sale from the client while I have the client locked in to the project can cause the project to delay or for a client to abandon project.

3. Expert Dashboard - expert abilities on the backend.
Right now, a wix user who hires a wix expert who already has a website with wix has to give out their personal details (email and password) to the Wix Expert in order for the Wix Expert to be able to perform certain functions. There are several times where the user needs help with domain connections, setting up their billing information etc. And several times throughout the year I have had to ask for the personal log in information from a Wix User to help them achieve such a simple task. Seems unsafe and unprofessional. Asking the user to transfer their site to my account over such simple edit makes the user even more leery. They would rather fork over their login information than to lose control of their site.

  1. With the above being said,…hiring outside Wix Coders to handle certain things on the website with the need to control what the coder can access on the site and also the ability to control what the end Wix user can access on the site. Giving full access with the ability to publish leaves the code vulnerable to uneducated user.


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Thank you for the feedback Keri, we’ve taken note of them!

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Woo hoo! Thank you so much!

With much illution create a quote for an old client, approved immediately (that I loved) … Until then the day was perfect, but moments later my client could not pay 50% because the system did not allow, I configured then N + 50 and it did not work either, my client is a little impatient for what we returned to the payment with the paypal invoice, it would be very good if the quotes and invoices could be modified with change history, especially in payment forms, it would be very good that a quote can be changed by the customer or can place notes in it, share the part of that can be done, set and send from the mobile, plus a quote and invoice should be the account and not the plan to not have to configure everything again. And to finish, there is no way to cancel, cancel or delete them.

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Awesome suggestions! I would like to add the possibility to have more creative freedom to design the invoice and adding more logo’s when you also are part of a group of partners, when you are affiliated with an organization, etc.

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