Wix is not showing id of this element ,how to get it id

as you can see in the above image
when i click on the element it doesn’t show any id while other elements are
how would i get this element id

that is not an element. it is only used in preview mode to switch between content. you will not see it on the live site.

Okay cool , but i need a solution since this is the template and based on the drop down it values changes ,

and after that is a section where i display the data from the cms in that and it is connect through wix data api

now the functionality i want is that when click the above the drop down based on that the data should also changed in the following section
but the problem is i am not able to get its id to access the drop down list and based on that event i display the data

As @Dan_Suhr said, that dropdown does not exist on the live site so cannot be used. It is only for item navigation within the editor.

From your explanation to your setup, you would have to create your own dropdown menu item and use its ID with a little code.

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my question is based on changing the data in the above template how will i change the data connected with cms through wixdata in the second section .

you are talking about a dynamic item page ? I’m a little confused as to what you need help with now.

There is currently no option to connect the accordion to a dynamic dataset.

But you can try the following solution.