wix-members-backend.getMember() isn't returning the customFields that are present in the contact list.

Hi recently the personal data section of our Wix site stopped working and after looking into it I narrowed it down to the use of the depreciated function wix-users-backend.getUser().

As per the instructions I migrated to the new function wix-members-backend.getMember() where I pass the member id and also a fieldset option { fieldsets: [ ‘FULL’ ] }.

However after inspecting the object returned from this function, the ‘customFields’ object is empty, even though in my contact list there are multiple custom fields, all will data present.

Any ideas?

Already tried this one instead ?

Have tried that one now and it works, thank you very much.

Now however I am having problems using the new updateMember() function. I’m guessing the better option to use would be updateContact()?

If so, what difference is there between these two functions, and when should I use the contact functions versus the member functions?

Many thanks,

Hi Oli, I’ve found that the custom fields only appear in this function if they are added as custom info fields which are accessible from the site members screen on the dashboard.