Wix Multi-lingual causes my hyperlinks not direct to correct address

Hello all,

I have been trying to fix this problem for more than a few weeks but still could not get to anywhere, so I would like to see if I can get some helpful advice.

I have a Wix site with Multi-lingual (Spanish, Chinese) option available. The structure of the site are pretty simple: It consists of Home, Plan Benefits, Eligibility, FAQ, Contact Us, About Us and Privacy Policy pages. There is a “Apply” button which the user can sign up for our service. After click the “Apply” button, it will take them to lightboxes that we set up. We use these lightbox for the steps to filter out applicants that might not be qualified. On those lightboxes, we added buttons which the applicant can choose the answer base on the question and eventually take them to the application page if they are qualified. (depends on which language they are at with the language option.)

Since we are working with 2 of the partners (N & D), we also created a portal for them by duplicated our site. We changed the url of the duplicated pages corresponding to the partners’ name. All functions will be the same for our website and the 2 portals that we made for the 2 partners.

Now it comes to the problem:

For the portal that we made for Partner N and Partner D, it seems like when the applicants clicked on “Apply”, it will direct them to the correct lightbox if it is the English site. However, for Multi-lingual (Spanish, Chinese), when the applicant clicked on “Apply”, it will take them to the wrong lightbox. (For example: Applicants at Partner N’s site clicked on “Apply”, they got directed to Partner D’s lightbox and eventually reached Partner D’s application, which is a huge problem. )

No matter how many times we checked and made sure the correct links were saved, it would change to the wrong link after a while. We spend a lot of time checking and correcting, but seems like we can not solve it at all.

May I know if there is anyone that can let us know what might be the problem? (I always thought once the direct link of a button is set and saved, it would not changed.) Will it because it is linking to a lightbox?

Thank you.