wix-paid-plans-backend on/PlanCanceled/onPlanInactive

I’m dealing with a site application that oversees memberships for one more stage over a Programming interface.

Clients register to utilize a Programming interface endpoint and are signed in utilizing just their email

They then, at that point, continue to buy into an arrangement. After a compelling buy, a Programming interface is called to buy in that client at the other stage.

The issue I’m having is that I just can’t figure out how to call the Programming interface if the situation with misappreciated. o the subscripThanksomes idle.

I would see the value in any counsel. Thanks

It seems like you are working on a site application that manages memberships for a platform using an API. Users register with their email and then subscribe to a plan. After a successful purchase, an API is called to subscribe the user on the other platform.

If I understand correctly, you are facing difficulties in calling the API when the subscription status changes to canceled or inactive. In such cases, you would like to know how to handle the situation.

To address this issue, you will need to implement a backend system that monitors the subscription status of users and triggers the API call accordingly. Here’s a general outline of the process:

When a user subscribes to a plan on your platform, store their subscription details in your backend system.

Set up a recurring task or event that periodically checks the status of each subscription. This task can run at regular intervals (e.g., every few minutes or hours) to keep track of any changes.

When the task detects a change in the subscription status (e.g., canceled or inactive), you can handle it based on your requirements. Some possible approaches include:

a. Triggering the API call immediately to update the user’s subscription status on the other platform.

b. Sending a notification to the user informing them of their subscription status and providing instructions on how to reactivate it.

c. Logging the status change for later analysis or reporting purposes.

Depending on the API you are using and its authentication requirements, you might need to include the necessary credentials or access tokens in the API call.

Note that the implementation details will depend on the specific programming language, framework, and tools you are using for your backend system. You can refer to the documentation and examples provided by the API provider for further guidance on making API calls and handling subscription status changes.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider error handling and edge cases in your implementation. For example, if the API call fails, you might want to retry it or implement a mechanism to handle failures gracefully.

Remember to test your implementation thoroughly to ensure that it functions as expected and handles various scenarios appropriately .