Wix Preview Not Working

I built a multilingual website using a wix suggested template. The site has 7 tabs/pages, and I filled each page with the relavent information (for both languages). Also deleted a few unused strips from each page. Everything is done. However, when I go to the preview mode, it just shows the footer. The preview mode does not show the pages or their contents or the menus. The preview mode is not working. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me why, and if you can offer a solution on how to fix this problem. Otherwise all my efforts to build this site will be wasted.

Thank you

Understand that this forum is not a support site, and is not monitored for bugs or system issues. Please report bugs to Wix Customer Care to ensure timely handling of your problem. They track and monitor all incoming issues and will escalate bugs to product teams.

ok. Thanks