Wix-Router Error... I do not understand


I’m trying to understand how wix-router works because I do not understand from the guides.

So I created a router called admin. Here I inserted a page called “Events” in addition to the one created automatically called admin-page which is empty.

The routers.js file has been created which contains this as from screen shot:

I tried to access the “Events” page in advance, but it gives me an error like a sceen shot:

I also tried online and this is the mistake

I tried to edit routers.js this way, but the error remains

I read these articles to understand something, but I can not manage to get them.

Someone can help me by giving me some advice, I have other examples to observe, because I would like to learn this function that I find useful.

Thank you

When creating a router, you choose which requests will get handled by the router based on a URL prefix that you specify, so in your case, admin router creates a new URL on your site - /admin . Requests that include this prefix will be directed and handled by your router.
When you add this router, you need to specify what page will be returned - the errors that you get seem to indicate that there’s no corresponding page to be displayed once next() is called. You should either add a page with the same name or use ok() and specify the page to redirect to.

Thanks for your answer,

efectively with ok () it works.
I went further to try to understand, and looking at examples of code I tried to set this up.

The situation and this that I tried to create:

I have two pages created within the admin router an event call and a user call. These two pages can only be accessed by administrators and not by registered users as normal.

import {ok, forbidden, notFound, WixRouterSitemapEntry} from "wix-router"; 
import wixUsers from 'wix-users';
import wixWindow from 'wix-window';

const pageAdmin = {  
  "eventi": {    
    title: "Gestione Eventi",    
    url: "https://www.danielphoto.it/admin/eventi"  
  "Utenti": {    
    title: "Gestione Utenti",    
    url: "https://www.danielphoto.it/admin/utenti"  

export function admin_Router(request) {
	if (request.path[0] === "admin") { //check if the address of the router has been entered
		if (request.user) { //check if the user is logged in
			if (request.user.role === "siteOwner") { //check if the user is an administrator
				const sezione = request.path[1]; //I'll take the name of the page you're looking for es. www.mysite.com/admin/eventi
				const data = pageAdmin[sezione];
				if (data) {
	   				 const seoData = { 
	    			 	title: data.title, 
	     			 	noIndex: false,
	    			return ok("admin", data, seoData); 
	    		} else {
	    			  return notFound();
			} else { // if the user not is an administrator open lightbox allert
		} else { //if the user is not logged in open prompt login
			wixUsers.promptLogin({"mode": "login","lang": "it"});
	} else {
		return forbidden();

export function admin_SiteMap() {

  	const siteMapEntries = Object.keys(pageAdmin).map( (sezione) => {
    	const data = pageAdmin[sezione];
    	const entry = new WixRouterSitemapEntry(sezione);
    	entry.pageName = "admin"; // The name of the page in the Wix Editor to render
    	entry.url = `/admin/${sezione}`; // Relative URL of the page
    	entry.title = data.title;   // For better SEO - Help Google
    	return entry;
  	return siteMapEntries;

Does not work

You would help me by suggesting other guides to understand the operation of the router or helping me with the written code, so as to understand where I was wrong

Thank you

redDany did you solve ? And how ?

Hi Mauro,
no I have not solved, these days I had little time to try to find a solution, and I was hoping for someone who could help me.
If I can get to the solution, I would definitely share it

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Thanks RedDany, today I’m not able to get it to work, I hope that router.js 'll work and that’s only problem of poor references.