Wix Routers & SEO


From a performance/seo perspective, are there any cons to returning seo metadata via afterRouter()?

What is the preferable/best method to get router pages indexed?

Hey. I know this is an old thread, but I saw no one has replied to you since 2021, so I guess I can still help you. As for Wix routers and SEO, there are different methods to get your pages indexed. Some say that returning SEO metadata via afterRouter() won’t affect performance or SEO negatively. But I think it really depends on your website and content. The key is to make sure that your content is good quality and easy for search engines to crawl. You should also use meta tags, a sitemap, and internal linking to help improve your SEO. If you need more specific advice, you can try reaching out to a professional SEO agency like Athina Digital . They can help you with customized recommendations based on your website’s needs.