wix sign up page disable auto login

after signing up on my wix page the member is automatically login.

is there a way to disable this so that if someone sign up on my wix page they will have to click the link from the email sent after signup to login rather than having them automatically login.

Yes, you will have to code it.


Depending on your level of coding you may consider hiring a coder to complete this for you.

my i know where should i put the codes?

@hhoopp121 The codes in the link are samples of code that you need change and build. It is not a copy and paste solution.

You will also need to know how to create and code a login function to integrate with that sample code. Then you will also need to know how to code a triggered email.

You can look up youtube tutorials to learn the login code part — but the other parts are intermediate / advanced that require coding expereience (or possibly a few weeks of research and practice).

Back to your original question, can it be coded: yes, it can but it has several moving parts that need to be customized and coded.

so this means i need to create my own sign up and login pages instead of using the default sign up and login on wix?

@hhoopp121 If you want someone to verify their email address before login, yes, it has to be coded. The native Wix login / registration does not have this as a feature that you can “turn on”. Although, you should know — sometimes Wix randomly chooses to show a “verify your email” sometimes when a person tries to register. It just happens at random, you cannot change the wording, you cannot change the design, you cannot change the email message they recieve in their inbox and you cannot change the redirect link that sends the persons back to your site. There is no pattern of WHEN it will pop up ---- it just does sometimes.