Wix Slideshow Repeater: Want image only on a single slide

Can anyone offer guidance on how to have an image exist on only one slide of a slideshow? Images seem to get caught in the repeater unlike text. This seems to be an open question / pain point (Create a normal slideshow in the new Wix Studio)

Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
Have a slideshow where in one slide I can have links that are logos…without those logos appearing on all the other slides in the slide show

What have you already tried:
Perused help desk, internet, and spent ~60min hacking at different options

Hi Charles,
Have you tried Slideshow Repeater? With Slideshow Repeater, you can use full screen logo per slide and you can customize the navigation arrows and slide numbers too.

Thank you, Mike. I did but have 2 blockers: (1) dont want full screen, and (2) even with full screen would get the logo repeating (where I must be overlooking something). It sounds like only unique text is supported (for the most part) on slideshow!

Hi Charles!

Using Velo code to configure a slideshow repeater, you can display images in specific containers(in Repeater) only.

$w("#myRepeater").onItemReady(($item, itemData, index) => {
    $item("#imgElem").src = itemData.img;
    if(itemData.img) $item("#imgElem").show();

const bikeData = [
    _id: "bike1",
    img: "wix:image://v1/6875c086ef453f5727c2b5932b3b3be4.png/Red Bike#originWidth=550&originHeight=300",
    kind: "Red Bike",
    _id: "bike2",
    kind: "Black Bike",
    _id: "bike3",
    kind: "Green Bike",

$w("#myRepeater").data = bikeData;

Please add an image element inside the repeater. By using Velo to dynamically change the URL of the image data, you can display images only on specific slides.

It might be better to initially set all image elements to be hidden in the editor.