Wix Store - Default Custom Filter

Hey, I’ve set up my Wix Store and it was a bit of fun with the limitations on the collections. I’m trying to get a basic Men’s → T-Shirt and Women’s → T-Shirt set up which is very common (as in two pages, one shows men’s t-shirts and the other shows women’s t-shirts). I’ve been able to achieve this with a custom filter as ‘Men’s T-Shirt 1’ is assigned to both collections “Men’s” and ‘T-Shirts’, thus when the custom filter is applied at the bottom you see only the men’s t-shirts (or women depending on which custom filter is ticked).

This works perfectly however, I’m trying to get access to the custom filters at the added on the shop control so I can assign IDs, etc to then set a default depending on which route you took into the page but I can’t seem to get the ID. It’s always random letters. Is there a way to obtain/set this ID?