Wix strip - button performance

Hi all, is it possible at all via coding, to have an image strip, that users can click on which directs them to a page within the website?


Of course, you need to import wixLocation

Thanks, so for the wixLocation, how do I write the intended page? If that makes sense?

For example, if its linking to ‘About Us’, do I literally write ‘aboutus’?

Check your page setting (there should be a place where you can edit the slug)


then put “/MYPAGESLUG” inside the () of wix location to

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@certified-code Thanks again. So i’ve just done that, but I am getting a red underscore on the word ‘wild’ within the slug. But i’ve copied it from the settings panel



Is there an error? It says theres an ‘unterminated regular expression’

Appreciate your help

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And $w(“#XXXXXXX”)

Hashtag needed to select a element

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@certified-code Do I need to end the coding with });, or can it be })

Its still not happy with the ending


@certified-code Thought so! Somethings wrong with it

Remove the code on line 6

$w.onReady( function() {

Like so? The image is being recongised, as the cursor changes to a hand emoji, to signify a clicking action.

Sorry about this, thanks for your patience

Remove the //

If i do that, it underlines the }); on the bottom line


Or post the whole code


$w.onReady( function (){
$w( “#WildLifeStrip1” ).onClick(()=>{wixLocation.to( “/wild-life-photography” )