Wix Studio Custom Sign-up & Sign-in Feature

Both in Editor X and Wix Studio we only have custom sign-up feature. Which we can’t enable custom sign-in. We must be able to enable both of them to have full control. We should be able to create custom sign-in and sign-up lightboxes/pages to take the full control of the sign-in and sign-up process.

  • Custom Sign-in Lightbox (Missing Feature)
  • Custom Sign-up Lightbox :white_check_mark:

I think if somebody enables custom sign-up they would also want to customize the login process. So it’s a bit weird to have only one of these features…

@LoeiX I can see how that makes sense! I have forwarded the input.

Be sure to submit this on the Product Roadmap!

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I have created that feature request too no worries.