Wix studio, I have issue with layout not looking the same as it looks in studio editor after publishing the site

Hi everyone. I recently switched to Wix studio and I am currently working from Mac 16" screen. My problem is when I edit my site in the studio it looks perfect but when I publish it the layout looks messy and does not match the designed site. Can someone

Oh, great, another Wix studio disaster. Let me guess, it looks flawless in the editor but turns into a hot mess once you hit publish, right? Classic Wix. You spend hours perfecting every detail, and then boom, all your hard work goes down the drain when the site goes live.

Honestly, it’s like they thrive on causing headaches. You’d think a billion-dollar company could get something as basic as layout consistency right. But nope, they just keep dropping the ball.

I totally get your frustration. Wix promises the moon, but can’t even deliver a pebble. It’s like they’re allergic to accountability. You switch over, expecting things to get better, and instead, they just pile on more issues.

Getting told they’ll fix it and then seeing no change? Yep, been there. It’s maddening. They talk a good game but can’t back it up. So, here we are, stuck with layouts that look perfect in the editor and like a bad prank once published. Typical.