Wix studio pricing

[I have purchased the Combo Plan on my wix editor site and connected my Domain using DNS. Now that I have discovered Wix studio I want to build a site in wix studio. Can I transfer my plan to wix studio and domain too?]

[Wix studio & Wix editor]

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Domain Yes, plan no (Wix Studio has different plans than the regular editor)

I think you can upgrade the plan. But you will need to re-build the site from scratch on Studio

Yes and No. You are able to transfer your custom domain and DNS Nameservers. You can do this by creating a new site in the Wix Studio and selecting “connect a domain I already own” and proceed with transferring your domain over.

One thing to note is that once you make the migration to Wix Studio, you will need to completely redo your site template and publish it live before your domain will be accessible again. So make sure you have all of the visual, functional, and SEO aspects of the site completed before you publish with the new transferred domain.

In regards to transferring your plan, unlike Wix Editor you will not receive any credit from any of the Wix Editor payment plans. The Wix Studio is separate from the editor and has different payment plans that reflect the new updated functions which does require a new payment plan.