Wix-users register(): 500 internal server error

I am trying to create a contact record using the users register() method.

I am providing all valid parameters but get the following error back. Hopefully the following stack trace helps. I wonder if it is something to do with the createContact 500 error?

Error: server responded with 500 - {“message”:“Internal Server Error”} at Object. (wix-users-backend/src/users.ts:68:11) at Generator.throw () at rejected (wix-users-backend/dist/src/users.js:5:65) at bound (domain.js:301:14) at runBound (domain.js:314:12) at tryCatcher (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/util.js:26:23) at Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/promise.js:510:31) at Promise._settlePromiseAt (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/promise.js:584:18) at Async._drainQueue (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:128:12) at Async._drainQueues (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:133:10) at Immediate.Async.drainQueues (node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:15:14) at runCallback (timers.js:789:20) at tryOnImmediate (timers.js:751:5) at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:722:5)

I have the same issue with my code using wix-users-backend.register call.
Did you find a solution?

Can you please share code examples or a link to the site?
We fixed the issues and it should be resolved now.

Hi Alon,
I am working on https://www.livedawn.be and I could not implement a plain vanilla call to wix-users-backend.register. I had to use the front end version that works fine but does not provide me with the level of security that I wish.

Unfortunately working my way around the issue I clobbered the malfunctioning code… arghhhh. I am not sure I can reproduce the problem.

I am having the same problem. If you go to https://www.fosteringsuccesscoaching.com and click Sign In and then click Create Account on Sign In lightbox. When you try to create an account and click Submit, you can see the 500 internal server error.

Hi Alon,

I finally got the issue again.

The link to my signup page is https://www.livedawn.be/sign-up.

The code I used is very straightforward (on page.js):

export function btSubscribe_click(event) {
return wixUsers.register($w(‘#txEmail’).value, $w(‘#txPassword’).value)
. catch ((error) => console.error(error))

the console error log is as follows:

POST [u]https://www.livedawn.be/api/wix-sm/v1/auth/register[/u] 500 (Server Error)
e.ajax @ zepto.min.js:2
(anonymous) @ render.js:244
ajax @ ajaxLibrary.js:31
y @ SiteMembersAPI.js:141
h.customRegister @ SiteMembersAPI.js:191
registerUser @ SiteMembersAspect.js:1623
e @ lodash.min.js:46
smRegisterUser @ wixCodeHandlers.js:474
n @ lodash.min.js:5
i @ lodash.min.js:51
d @ wixCodePostMessagesHandler.js:62
c @ wixCodePostMessagesHandler.js:113
n @ lodash.min.js:5
i @ lodash.min.js:51
(anonymous) @ workerMessagesService.js:34
c @ workerMessagesService.js:33
n @ lodash.min.js:5
i @ lodash.min.js:51
(anonymous) @ workerManager.js:268
(anonymous) @ workerManager.js:193
(anonymous) @ workerManager.js:204

Thanks Warner. In Wix though the server error can be triggered by an API failure due to the use of web workers and front end backend code interaction.

Having said this the post is a little obsolete and should be considered deprecated since the wix-users API has undergone many changes and fixes since it was made.

Hi I’m having this problem right now. I don’t think the post is obsolete. I noticed that the user is indeed registered as expected. The issue then is that I can’t do something interesting in the then() of the register()…

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