Wix Velo uploaded files to my email

Hey guys, I am new here and I am trying my first steps with Velo. But I am at one point where I need help. I need a contact form where people can contact me and where they also can attach some files (Images, documents) and send it to my email. I am searching for answers in the web but I can’t find anything which could help me. So I decided to try it here, because you have some good codes and maybe you have a solution for me here.

So the people fill out the contact form (First Name, Last Name, Subject, Body) and also upload an Image/Document and click the “send” Button. And I get the email with the uploaded image/document.

I created an account at sendgrid, I verified my email and I created an API key. I downloaded and installed the npm “@sendgrid/mail” and I tried some codes, but NOTHING could help me :((((( I would be very thankful if someone here has the right solution for me.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,