Wix Video vs Video Player

I see both in Wix Code API, but am not sure which is which. I need the play() function, but I am not seeing it in the current video players API, but I am seeing it as an option for the “Video Player”, so I guess im using the “Video” option which does not have this function.

Can I get some clarity on this?

How it is to be used:
I have a list of artists and when the user clicks on an artist withing the list I have the page scrolling down to a video player and I have the clicked artist name stored in a variable and I want the video player to automatically play the video from that artist. I can’t get the play part of this idea to work.

Im a little new to Wix Code.


Solution - “Video Player” Refers to the element under the “Add a Video” section entitled “Video Upload”. This element has significantly more API control commands