WixData.Update - Can I use something different than _id?

Is there any way to use a different ID than the built-in Wix _ID in order to update a record?
For example, my ID below I need to use instead of the hidden internal “_id” on the right?

Rows are created in a 3rd party app, then is sent to my site and I populate it via API using http-functions. The ID that is sent in this example is: 12-15.

Now I return to the 3rd party app to make an update. The update sends all of the data, including the 3rd party app’s ID which is 12-15. The 3rd party app knows nothing about the wix _id.
So if I could use id to compare, it would update my Wix collection.

Ideas? Thanks

Nevermind - I figured out what to do. On the insert, I simply assigned the 3rd party ID to the Win built-in _id. Problem solved.