WixLocation.query is empty in dashboard pages

After the update, all of my calls to wixLocation.query are null. The page is a dashboard page. It looks like the whole query string is being replaced. In Page ‘A’ I have a link to Page ‘B’ ==> http://example.n et/fakeDashboardPage?id=B

But, when page ‘B’ loads, the query string doesn’t include the id parameter. There are other querystring key/value pairs, but none of those even show up in wixLocation.query object.

Again, this only started happening within the last 1 - 3 days. I’ve had a bunch of other problems that started within that time frame; but thus far, I’ve been unable to figure this one out.


What you have described and considering that it wokred previously, that seems to be an unexpected behavior of the API.

Please submit a ticket to Wix Support here including the following information:

  1. Site name.
  2. Page A and B names in the editor.
  3. Links to the relevant pages.
  4. Number of lines of code with the issue.
  5. A screencast of the issue.