WixPay API Failing

Good afternoon,

This morning out of nowhere, the WixPay API stopped working as expected. I have not made any changes to the code in months, but for some reason the .then result is not firing after calling “startPayment”. Please see below:

wixPay.startPayment(payment.id, {
      "showThankYouPage": false
.then((payment_result) => {
	if (payment_result.status === "Successful"){
		//Do a thing
       else if (payment_result.status !== "Cancelled"){
                //Show Error

Instead, after a payment, the WixPay is showing the default thank you page, which I have specified for it not to do. The only console error does show a related issue within the paymentsSDKFactory.ts code.

My investigation is showing that the promise resolution of the payment modal is breaking, which is why there is no .then handler.

This is triggered on line 299 of the Comp Report page file.

Please help!

@marlowe-shaeffer I know you’ve helped our site previously, could you possibly direct me to the right place? This is causing a huge issue on our site right now.

I’ve escalated this internally, and someone should either respond to your ticket or contact you via email. Thanks.

Hey @marlowe-shaeffer . Someone emailed me a few minutes ago to say that they are escalating the “showThankYouPage: False” not working. This isn’t really the issue here (it isn’t working, but is not the primary problem). The PaymentResult is not being returned after the startPayment method completes, so I can’t act on the payment results. Once the payment goes through, no event is being fired, and the “.then” block of the “startPayment” is not running at all.

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This issue is now resolved. Thanks for reporting.

May I know how was this resolved? I’m encountering the same issue. It seems that result statuses are not being returned so I can’t show my lightbox upon successful payment.

Hi, this issue is still NOT resolved. “showThankYouPage: false” does not work and payment result status is not returned.