WixRouterSitemapEntry causes all dynamic pages to become 502 pages

when I follow the guide creating router pages, an exception occurred when using [u]WixRouterSitemapEntry[/u] I got errors :

import { ok, notFound, WixRouterSitemapEntry } from "wix-router";
'WixRouterSitemapEntry' is declared but its value is never read.

however, when I change to wixRouterSitemapEntry I got errors :

import { ok, notFound, wixRouterSitemapEntry } from "wix-router";
export function myRouter_SiteMap(sitemapRequest){
    let entry = new wixRouterSitemapEntry(domain);
 This expression is not constructable. Type 'WixRouterSitemapEntry' has no construct signatures.

In preview mode 's console all Dynamic Pages , got error below, and return 502 pages after published
/user-code/backend/routers.js: Duplicate declaration “entry”
So, how to use WixRouterSitemapEntry?

Is it my wrong? If this is not a bug, why can’t I find a similar question?

You can look at Example: Stripe Payment Processing to see WixRouterSitemapEntry being used on the routers.js page.

The import statement should be (taken from the example):

import {ok, redirect, WixRouterSitemapEntry, next} from 'wix-router';

WixRouterSitemapEntry is being incorrectly flagged as an error, but it works. I’m going to check into this issue.

Creating an instance is done this way (also from the example):

 let entry = new WixRouterSitemapEntry(page);

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for replying so quickly and solving my question.
It worked now!

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In the example, I currently still get the error shown below, can we just savely ignore this message?