wixUser (read member firstName from the CRM)

Currently it is only possible through wix code to read limited information about the current user logged into a webpage from the CRM, such as their id and email.

Please allow us also to read their firstName from the CRM so that it can be displayed on the page when they login i.e. “Welcome firstName”.

I do not want to run a separate database to hold user firstNames, I want to read it directly from the CRM.

Hi Mike, thank you for contacting.
Regarding the issue, we are working on exposing the member details and will update here once done.

Thanks Alon, looking forward to it.

I know it’s only been 11 days since you posted this but is there any update? Maybe an anticipated timeframe? I really need to access user names (all of them, not just the user logged in) and don’t want to re-create the log in/members area when you guys have already done that. Thanks!

@ Alon Yehezkel

Have you made any progress on this from last month, when will we be able to access member details from the CRM ?

Is anyone else from WIX able to give an update on the progress of this ?