Has anyone figured out how to set up a year, make and model. Drop down filter. I have seen the question SEVERAL times on google with no solution. I am actually shocked there isn’t an add-on for this. Shopify has an “app” but I prefer WIX. I do not know how to code, but need this function. HELP PLEASE.

I forgot to mention, I would like to pull the data from Excel or Google Sheets. I am not sure if that makes it easier or more difficult.

Wouldn’t be a big deal. if you wouldn’t add your additional wish with the Google-Sheets.

Without your additional wish, it would be an ordinary - - → SERCH-ENGINE.
But also an ordinary SEARCH-ENGINE can get complicated :grin:

Take a look here…

A parallel running post, very similar to your needs.
You can used it for your purposes.
Of course you will have to modify and expand this simple example code, to generate what you need.

And about your additional wish…you can start your learning-journey here…

Surely there are also other ways of how to do that.

I see a dev in our community gave you a place to start, but if you would prefer to hire a developer to take on this task for you you can check out the marketplace.