Zapier and Wix Forms #featurerequest #Wix Forms #Automations

Hi Wix World,

We’re having a great time integrating a 3rd party CRM with Wix forms. With Automations we are able to offer a download value exchange where the user receives an email from Ascend with the download and then the Zapier automation drops the contact into our CRM to receive a 4 email drip campaign follow up based on what they downloaded. The Zapier Beta integration is working really well but it would be great to be able to pull in some more information such as the form name.

Right now we’re building a zap for each form, but if we could differentiate the form in the backend of Zapier by pulling in the form name we would be able to direct each form to the right campaign with a single zap.

Fingers crossed we can see this someday soon :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I love Zapier too :slight_smile:

Thanks for this suggestion!