A few questions

I have a few questions, but the first one would be…

What are some best practices when creating a website to safeguard the responsive aspect? I’m trying to create a website now and it seems like everything I place into there is very haphazardly and I like everything to line up nicely. Duplicating titles on every page and keeping them lined up on every page is something I’d love to figure out.

I am a graphic designer, but new to creating websites.

My second question is, what are the best practices on scaling. Text, images, paragraphs. Do I use percentages, pixels, or min/max? I honestly don’t know which would be best.

Any help would be helpful! I am struggling and have a deadline. Thanks everyone!

Like with setting up the Theme Manager, I tend to set-up my Design Assets and Masters. I want to establish a foundation of common elements, so that if a site wide change is required, I only have to do it once. I often drop in and detach elements from the Masters, which seems to work nicely. Page Titles sections and containers are a Masters item for me, I have a core file, which has the word PAGE TITLE on it. Then after dropping onto a page, I detach it and change PAGE TITLE to ABOUT for example. But having it as a Design Asset works well too.

As for what works best in the responsive environment is truly up to the designer and behaviors of the elements in the fluctuating environment. Utilizing all and any of the tools to size your elements gives you full control. The most common practice for me is to establish my grid within container/section and confine elements there within.

Most commonly for text blocks it’s percentages, images it’s percentages with max-widths, sometime but seldom min-heights, for containers inside sections percentages with max/min widths, and sections often vertical heights (vh) OR auto, max-min or fixed pixel height settings.

I hope this helps and good luck!


That definitely helps! I thought you could only put things in the header and footer for the masters…or am I wrong there?

Masters are for any objects you want to use on multiple pages, not just headers and footers. Design Assets are elements you use often, ie customized repeaters, photo galleries, etc.

Gotcha, thanks so much! I’m sure I’ll have more questions haha. I’m assuming there isn’t a discord for Editor X? If so, I would love a link to that.

I learn a lot here in the forum, looking at other’s issues and trying to solve them myself or watch others solve them for me. But here is a good resource to learn some tricks and basics. https://www.editorx.com/academy

100% on @teejay suggestions and tips - you can also join us on Community X - Editor X Official Community | Facebook

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