About backend limitations

I would like to know more about backend limitations (yes, I’ve already read the article) mainly about Requests Per Minute (this part is very very important to me!)
That’s because my website will probably have a lot of visitours (I mean, A LOT)

Please, I’d like to explain better what my website is about (and even share my website link to show you, of course) but I’d like to share the link only in a private conversation (calm down, it’s nothing related to content over 18 haha, relax).
Actually, it’s just a simple website, but at same time can have massive views (that’s why it’s so import to know more about any limitations)

Is there any way I can get in private contact with someone? (Yisrael maybe?)

If you need further details or clarification regarding backend limits, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , They can also discuss with you resource scaling options that would allow you to grow your venture.

Do you know what category should I choose? I don’t see anything about backend. Maybe “Other - Need help with a different issue?”
I have no idea

I can tell you the most important things I know:

  1. timeouts. There are 2 backend timeouts, db-token timeout and container timeout. Both have a TTL of 5 minutes, but the container timeout also has a 60 second grace period. During the grace period, the container will only serve existing connection, it will not accept new ones. Those are relegated to a new instance of a container (cold start). If a container is already spinning (thru a request of another user), you have no way to find out how long you have left. So, basically, you have 6 minutes max and 1 minute/1 sec min.
    2)doc (row) size: max 500 K (not the 200 that is/was stated in documentation)
    3)db size : no limits
    4)query timeouts: querying very large collections might result in a timeout also. Usually, adding an index to a column speeds up the query. You can ask Support to add an index.

Hope this helps.

Owww, very good
This part about limitations is very important to me (believe me…)

Let me explain:
My website is focused on polls (about everything). People will vote in every poll and the poll in question will be updated after every vote.
To do that, I’ve been using database to store everything (in other words, to get votes and update the poll)

So, that’s why i’m so worried about limitations. Because this type of site tends to receive a lot of visits. So there will be many visitors voting in different polls (at the same time). Of course, there is a separate database for each poll. But the point is: Will the site itself be able to withstand so many database updates at the same time?

I read that there is a limit of 7000 backend requests. If that’s true, i’m not sure if 7000 will hold. I’m using query function a lot (And unfortunately I can’t avoid it, as this function is needed to get the data and then update the databases…)

If you have more tips, please post it here. It will be helping me a lot!