Accept payment on forms in wix studio - Docking items to a form in studio

I am having some issues regarding forms - I don’t see a way to do payment forms in the wix studio forms, only in the old wix forms. However, the old wix forms only allow 1 file upload- which just won’t work.
Also- Using the old wix editor i could dock tooltips to the form. Little ? that when hovered give more information. Using wix studio forms, these don’t dock to the form, and when the window is resized, move out of position.

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
This is the old wix editor version, which works great except that you can only upload 1 file.

This is the wix studio version, except you can’t dock an icon to the form, and i can’t seem to find how to accept a payment on submission

What have you already tried:
puting the form in a container, and making everything static works…ish- its just not responsive. example :

Additional information:
The form must have tooltips to explain unfamiliar terms
the form must have a payment on submit
the form must allow multiple uploads of multiple file types