Wix Forms quota change, and data & Velo in the Wix Studio Premium plans

Hey everyone! :wave:

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been sharing their thoughts and insights about Wix Studio in such a constructive way. We highly appreciate it :pray:

I’m here with an update about Wix Forms and also wanted to circle back about data & Velo in the Wix Studio Premium plans.

Starting TODAY we’ve increased the Wix Forms quota on free sites to:

  • 25 forms
  • 50 fields per form
  • 50 steps per form
  • 50 conditions per form
  • And access to signature and file upload fields

This is an exclusive benefit for Partners & Studio creators and is designed to provide freedom during the creation process. :fire:

Read more about the change here: Wix Partner Benefits: Form Limits on Free Sites | Help Center | Wix.com

We’ve also listened to everything you’ve shared regarding data & Velo in the Wix Studio Premium plans, and have taken some conversations offline to better understand the business aspects of concerns along with taking the discussion internally with the team.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone who is facing a blocker by this limitation to contact me, or their PSM, and we’ll find a solution that will allow you to take on that project.


Excellent. Listening to feedback, as usual. This is a big move with Wix Forms and funny enough may help with Velo coding requirements too!

Looking forward to those data cap updates. Need to know what to do with my 100k+ item collections :slight_smile:



Now all that’s missing are the changes to the premium packages!
Let’s hope it all happens soon…


But in Wix Studio we are missing payment forms. Is there any possibility to integrate the payment forms in Wix Studio?