Acceso a sección mediante códigos únicos que no se puedan compartir, éste cód lo recibe cada usuario al realizar el pago para acceder.

Access to section through unique passwords that cannot be shared, this password is received by each user when making the payment to access.

If users have to pay a membership for example before they can become site members on your site, then just have your pages set to members only, so that they can only access the pages if they log into your site after they have signed up and paid your membership.

You can do the same if you create any member role within your site too.

If you just use the password option, then it will be the one password for all members and it won’t be unique to each member

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And how can I do it to be a unique password or password for each person who is going to enter? or with programming with Wix Code?

When the user signs themselves up to be a site member, they have to use a email address and a password.

So, of you have all your member pages set to members only, then they will need to log themselves in using their own credentials that they used to signup with.

There are three versions as stated on the page above.

  1. Wix own window;
  2. Wix Custom Form (through Wix Forms);
  3. Corvid Form (Custom lightboxes for signup and login).

If you use your own custom lightboxes, then make sure that you set your member signup settings so that it shows your lightboxes instead of Wix own forms.

Plus, have a read of WIx Users and Wix CRM as you will need Wix Users for login and register and working with site members and Wix CRM for working with Contacts who are not all site members.

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