Add a donation button

Okay, stumped…how do we add a donation button in Editor X?

We are creating a new site for an NFP that’s not yet connected to a plan but we don’t see the choices to add these type of elements as in the regular editor. What are we missing?


Followup → All, there is no Wix button! But there are 3rd party apps that connect. Should have tried that before posting here. They work fine. Thanks.

Me too. Setting up an NFP. I am confused. I am set up to accept Wix Payment but do not know how to set up a donate form. I am only finding is product e-commerce. What 3rd party product did you use?

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what do you think about get funding app in case you want to use some sort of 3rd party?

Same boat. It’s frustrating when something so essential isn’t available for EditorX.

get funding app could work for you as small workaround.
from our side, our developers are trying to add as much integrations as possible on Editor X

As @andrewt mentioned, the get funding app is mentioned in the feature request for accepting credit cards donations on your site with Wix Payments .

You can also use Wix Forms to accept payments on the site .

If you know code, there’s a way to use Custom Product Price .

You could also embed an iFrame .