Handling non-profit donations

We have a client, a New York State non-profit, for which we developed an Editor X website.

In its prior WordPress website, the organization maintained a ‘Donate’ button that connected to a larger non-profit that collected donations on its behalf. That larger non-profit had provided start-up funding for our client.

Right now, our new Editor X site also has a ‘Donate’ button that connects to the larger non-profit. However, our client wants to break its connection with that larger organization and begin collecting its own funds.

Upgrading the site to an Editor X e-commerce plan would be expensive for such a small non-profit, and it seems that non-profit donation management is a pretty specialized functionality. We’ve looked a bit and we see that there are third-party donation management systems that might work, but we don’t have any experience in that area.

Can anyone here tell us what experience they’ve had with this kind of thing? Have you handled it through a Wix or Editor X e-commerce plan? Have you used one of the third party systems?

We’d appreciate your input.

Note that I’m posting this on both the Editor X and the Partner forums.

Why don’t you just add a paypal donate button?

I know you already use it - but can they integrate with that? It’s just a lot easier.

For those who aren’t reading the Editor X forum posts, let me mention some suggestions made by ‘iamteejay’ over there. He reports that his clients use Network for Good (https://www.networkforgood.com/), GoFundMe’s non-profit function ( https://www.gofundme.com/c/charity-fundraising ) and PayPal.

Our client is leaning toward GoFundMe.

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@brett Thanks. Believe it or not, I wasn’t aware of the PayPal Donate button, and I didn’t post this question until I had thoroughly (I thought) searched help for options.

We’ll take a closer look.

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Not a problem my friend. Always new stuff to learn. :slight_smile:

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This is great. Thanks for sharing!