Add multiple locations to google maps

Is there any way to programmatically add multiple locations to google maps?

Hello from the Velo DevRel Team!

Yes, this should be possible. If you add one of the Google Maps elements to your Wix site, you should see the option to “Manage Locations,” which gives you the option to add “One” or “Multiple” addresses in which you want to place a pointer for your location:

Alternatively, you should be able to add the pointers the Google Maps website and embed it on your site as an HTML iFrame .

Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.


Thanks for the answer! But what I wanted was to add multiple locations to the map through code, is it possible?

I’m curious as to the exact case.

But this might help. Choose multiple locations> Connect to a database via a dataset> add multiple locations to the database.

Then you could setup a form to submit to the database and that way would be able to have multiple locations populated

What I want is the following:
I have 2 maps on the page

Map 1



Through the GPS coordinates of the database, I want to put on map 1 everything that has the number “1” on the first map and everything that has the number “2” add to map 2. And appear all locations on each map

Yes you can through code if you want.$w/googlemap/location should help you as a guide to set the locations

How can I put more than one location with this code?

w("#myGoogleMap").location = {
 "latitude": 37.77065,
 "longitude": -122.387301,
"description":"Wix Office"