Can users add google maps locations?

As far as I’m aware, you can embed google maps and set a location (say your business).

Is it possible to instead let users add locations themselves, and by interacting directly with the map (as opposed to typing an address in a textfield first/instead)?

For clarity:

Im interested in a functionality similar to that which lets you set a destination location by pressing and holding on any street in the google maps app.
and then showing on the map aggregate/total numbers of pinned locations for the level of zoom youre at (with ability to see the details of each pin to that aggregate)

As I write this out it seems to be quite complex/advanced, perhaps beyond the realms of an api, but I guess since Im already here Ill post.

For reference, i note hacker noon did something somewhat similar:
But locations werent set by users, by their interactions with the map, and location presentation wasnt aggregated.

It is possible if you embed a google map in your website and use their API for that.
It’s been a while since I worked with Google Maps API so I cannot tell off the top of my head, but you should read their documentation.

This is sweet SEBT 1st - looks pretty close to exactly what i was thinking (the drawing tools and clustering feature specifically), and your response is densely useful and insightful. Apparently Wix+ is far more versatile than I realised, which is exciting - oftentimes the designs don’t seem to make what’s readily practicable/implementable.

I will give this a shot. Thanks for taking the time to write. And apologies for my slow response. I thought I’d replied sooner, but I logged in today to find the contrary.

Can’t say those linked addresses fill me with confidence. But I’m hoping that that doesn’t detract from the substance.


thanks JD. I’ll take a look. That fills me with confidence.

Apologies for the slow reply. I’d thought I’d posted sooner.


Yes, users can add locations to Google Maps by using the “Add a missing place” feature. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Google Maps on your device or computer.

  2. Search for the location where you want to add a missing place.

  3. On the left side of the screen, click on “Add a missing place.”

  4. A form will appear where you can enter the details of the missing place, such as the name, address, category, and website.

  5. Once you’ve filled out the form, click on “Submit” to send the information to Google for review.
    Note that Google reviews all submissions before adding them to the map, so it may take some time for the new location to appear. Additionally, Google has certain criteria that a location must meet in order to be added to the map, such as being a public place or having a physical address.

I agree with you. Your answer exactly to the point and informative. I will be careful during choosing the tool . And can you please elaborate about the Google maps API is it paid or free. I’m thinking to integrate with my website. Thank you so much SEBT.

  1. Access Google Maps: Open the Google Maps application on your mobile device or visit the Google Maps website on your computer.

  2. Search for the Location: Use the search bar at the top to enter the name or address of the location you want to add.

  3. Confirm Location Existence: Before adding a new location, make sure it doesn’t already exist on Google Maps. Verify that the location is not already listed by checking the search results and reviewing the existing markers on the map.

  4. Tap “Add a missing place” or “Suggest an edit”: Depending on the platform you are using, you may find an option that says “Add a missing place” or “Suggest an edit” near the bottom of the information panel for the location. Click or tap on this option to proceed.

  5. Enter Location Details: Fill in the required information about the location you want to add. This typically includes the name of the place, the address, and additional details such as phone number, website, category, or other relevant information.

  6. Provide Accurate Location: Pinpoint the exact location on the map by dragging the marker or dropping it at the correct spot. Ensure the location marker accurately represents the place you are adding.

  7. Include Additional Information: If available, you can add more details about the location, such as opening hours, photos, reviews, or any other helpful information that can assist other users.

  8. Submit the Addition: Review the information you entered , making sure it is accurate and complete. Then, submit your addition to Google Maps. The submission will be reviewed by Google’s moderation team before it appears on the map.

  9. Verify and Edit: In some cases, Google may send you a verification email or notification to confirm the addition or modification of a location. Follow the provided instructions to verify your contribution if required. Additionally, you can edit or update the information you added at any time by accessing the location’s page and selecting the “Suggest an edit” option.
    It’s important to note that Google Maps relies on user contributions and verification processes to maintain accurate and up-to-date information. Therefore, your added location or suggested edits may undergo review by Google’s team or other contributors before they are published.

To add a location on Google Maps:

  1. Access Google Maps on your mobile device or computer.

  2. Search for the location you want to add.

  3. Check if the location already exists.

  4. Tap “Add a missing place” or “Suggest an edit.”

  5. Enter the required details, such as name, address, and additional information.

  6. Pinpoint the exact location on the map.

  7. Include any extra information, like opening hours or photos.

  8. Review the information and submit your addition.

  9. Google’s team will review your submission.

  10. You may need to verify your contribution if requested.

  11. You can edit or update the information later if needed.
    Remember that Google Maps relies on user contributions and verification for accurate information.
    Hope that helps!