Add Someone to an Online Program When they Buy a Specific Product

To make your store look consistent, and deal with difficult tax situations consistently, it seems best to work with products.

I have a book product, and a class product. I plan to have a bundled book+class product.

When someone buys the class product, or the book+class product, I would like Wix to send them an automatic invite to the Online Program associated with the class product. I currently have to do this step manually.

Fixing this is likely easiest done with an automation. Wix would need to add a new action: Invite to Online Program. The trigger would be buying the class or book+class product, the action would be inviting the person to the online program.

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+1 here! I would LOVE to add someone to an Online Program not just when they buy a specific product, but also have the ability to do so when they add a subscription.

Thanks for posting this wishlist item @Christopher_McLean :slight_smile: