"Add to cart" button on a repeater

I’m creating a website to sell products. Wix Store is unfortunately not appropriate to the kind of business I run.
I have a product list page using a repeater and I want to create an “Add to quote” button to each element of the repeater.

The idea:
The customer click on the “Add to quote” button to add specific product to a saved list that will persist (sessionStorage is fine).
When the customer is done choosing products, he clicks on a single button “Send quote” where he enter his ID on a form.
I want a field of the form to be prefilled with the products informations (reference and title for instance) the customer chose. Then I manually manage the customer command.

I understand I have to use wix-Data as suggested by Velo Support, but I struggle on how to to that properly. Currently, I created a function as below:

import wixStorage from 'wix-storage';

function onItemReady($item, itemData, index) {
      const $button = $item("#addToQuoteButton");

    $button.onClick(() => {
        const reference = itemData.reference;
        const storage = wixStorage.session;
        storage.setItem("reference", reference);

I can’t achieve to get back the item in session storage.
Also, how can I store multiple informations about a product (such as title and reference for easier management) ?
And how to allow customer to add multiple products to cart ?

Thanks a lot,
Best regards