add to cart not to re direct on mobile

I’m needing to create some code for when add to cart is pressed on product page in mobile view it does not re direct to the cart and stays on the same page, possibly with a notification.
However i don’t know how to find the function for the add to cart button as it is part of the wix stores page.
Any help much appreciated.


I’m having the same problem so I’m thinking of a backup solution.

On the mobile version of wix, when a user adds a product to his cart he is automatically redirected to the cart page and it makes a bad experience if he wants to add other products on the same page.

On the shopping pages, the products are displayed in a repeater connected to the “products” database.
On a page there is multiple products displayed with a repeater.

The method would be to select (with check-box) the products that the customer wishes to add to the cart.
Then add a single add-to-cart button that adds all the selected products to the cart.

This method does not prevent the user from being redirected to the cart page but this avoids going to the shopping cart page then clicking on “continue-shopping” and so on for each product.

Is-it possible ?
What do you think ?


I found a simple solution! I was having the same problem on mobile mode.

There is no easy way to specifically turn this off for mobile, however there is a way you can turn it off on desktop, and it will reflect on mobile.
To do this, you will need to open the product page on desktop version, then you will need to select settings and select stay on product page.

I only had “stay on product page” selected for my shop. But not for the product page. Here is a video of my mobile version now.