Adding an upload image option to product page

Hello, First time poster!

I built my websites with wix and am fairly comfortable with the basic editing tools available in wix.

But I need to find a way to make it possible for the client to upload a picture file directly in the product page. So when I receive the order, the image is attached to the order

With this option currently being unavailable, I have to use the upload to dropbox option. It works, but difficult to manage: I have to figure out which image is connected to the right product order. I know this can be done thru wix code, but my experience is limited…

If anyone can give me a hand with this, it would be great!

Thanks Charles

Hi Charles,
You can check out this stores example which has the option for the site visitor to upload an image in the product page.

Good luck!

I need to do this with files (pdf) etc. at the product page.

Customer selects quantity. I’ve done this
Customer selects type of product. I’ve done this

Customer uploads a file and then goes to add to cart which shows the filename of the product at the cart. Can’t do this.

I then go to my orders to retrieve the file and process the customers order. Can’t do this.

Please help.

That is exactly what i am looking for. How do i add ths into my website? Thank you in advance.