Adding shadow to text inside the menu

I have a simple title and the menu in the header section. Both are white and with no background.

When you scroll through the page, the header elements get unreadable if they cross a very bright image for example.
I’ve managed to code a blurred drop shadow to the title part of the header (since its a simple text) so that it never disappears with the page, but I’m not being able to do the same with the menu. As I understand the Menu is a custom element made from wix therefore you can’t custom code it. Is there any solution for this problem?
I really want to keep the menu just text looking with just some drop shadow…

The only solution I can think of is to create your own menu (for example with lightbox if it’s open-on-click menu, or with repeater if it’s static) and not to use the Wix Menu app .
I never use this menu app as I always need my menus to be dynamic (e.g. to display different titles based on the member role) and styled.