Adding vertical photo gallery on product page individually

Hi guys,

I’ve struggling for a problem for weeks now and I really hope someone could help me, please.

So I’ve building an E-commerce website and I want to add series of photos which are likely an introduction for each product. My client and also I would like to have each product has its own vertical photo gallery but every product page is linked with each other. If I add photo in one product’s page, the rest will be applied which is very frustrated to me to be honest (I seriously don’t understand why it was programed this way) I tried to customize in the product in store product section but there is no such thing for uploading extra photos except main images. I’ve done a lot of research but I can not find the answer. There are many other e-commerce websites I’ve been, got this function, so please excuse my ignorance about this area and guide me if you guys have any solutions for this.

Thanks so very a lot much T.T

Here is one example illustrating my desire for the product page in WIX. As you might see, they have a section for the product related photos.

Got the same problem!