Address Input shows address only in English


I have an address input element on my site which I use to collect addresses from site visitors. My site visitors are Israeli, and mostly type their addresses in Hebrew. While the autocomplete works great and shows address options in Hebrew, when an option is selected the field value will always be in English. Now, I did overcome it using your example with the “reverse” function, but it is slow.
What am I missing here? I did set my regional settings to Israel/Hebrew.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dina,

This forum is specifically for questions about Corvid by Wix.

If you have added code to your site please send us a snippet of the code you are having an issue with, a link to your site and a screenshot/video of the issue.

If you have not/are not added/adding any code to your site please contact Wix Support .


Dara | Corvid Team