Address Input not selecting address

I am using the address user input control on my site. The idea is to capture an address from the users. I have added my Google Maps api key. All works fine when you start typing in the text box, the suggested results from Google are displayed as expected as options below the text box. However when you select one of the options, nothing happens. I expected the address selected to be added to the text box, but the box remains with the contents the user has typed. For example if I start typing my address “12 Komme…” the address options including the one I am looking for appear. But when I select it the text box remains populated with only “12 Komme.” The address result is not captured.

Any ideas?


Please provide us with the link to your editor, name of the page with the issue so we can check it for you.
Or contact Wix support here with all the information so they can investigate it.

Also, have you seen the Corvid example for this?

As well as gone through the AddressInput section in the Wix API reference to double check your setup.$w.AddressInput.html

Sorry for dropping in late here.

If I had to guess the cause of the problem from what you’re describing, it would be that you have the Places API enabled, but not the Geocoding API.

This is because only the Places API is used to populate the list of suggestions, but when you select a specific suggestion the Geocoding API is also used to obtain further information about the address (such as its lat/lon coordinates).

Please try to follow the instructions in this article and let me know if once you enable the Geocoding API the issue goes away.